Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shout Out

Dear readers, the weather here in Brooklyn is still dark and grey. After an amazingly gorgeous weekend, it's been raining since Monday, maybe late Sunday night and, for the most part, my mood has matched the weather - as apparent by my post of Monday afternoon.

But I was reminded by a gentle reader, Star Mama, that even on the dark days one needs to remember that these days do not last forever. And neither do the good ones. In these stark, unemployed days, when MatchGirl often feels like the Little Match Girl, always looking in the window at how the better half live, it's important to take a step back and think about the positive things.

I have been throwing myself quite a pity party of late - I'm sure friends are all sick of it, though, thankfully they are all too kind to tell me so. I feel like nothing is going right. I can't find a job - nor interesting ones to apply for. I can't find a (good) man, though I met one I thought was perfect a couple of months ago (he has pulled that Williamsburg-guy thing and simply fallen off the face of the planet without a word, a warning, a returned text/phone call or an e-mail), and while I am generally an independent girl, OK with being on my own, my friends are all paired up and I am flying solo to yet another wedding ... which makes #4 in the past few years and is reason for a pity party all on it's own!

But Star Mama's comment has lifted my spirits a bit (Thanks!!).
Because she is right - when I am wasting these days on a "Woe is pitiful MatchGirl", I could be doing so many other things! And, those faithful followers who are regular readers and/or friends, know that some of those days I am quite productive - sewing jackets and baby toys and handbags and baking cookies and brownies and all sorts of things - but I could be doing more. Or, more importantly, I could be looking at things differently. With a different attitude.

So, while I can't promise that the pity party is gone for good, I can say that I will be trying very hard to keep it at bay. To find the positive in the long days. To have less sleepless nights. to enjoy what I have, and who I have, in my life, because, I do know that things could always be worse.

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