Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Business Plan?

Today, my friends, was a productive day. A good day. I feel a little sleepy from just one too many shots at the Rabbit last night - and the fact that it has been grey and rainy (and cold! Isn't it March that's supposed to come in like a lion, not April?) all day has not made my mind wake up. But my meeting with A certainly did.

We are crafty gals, A and I. We have been throwing around the idea, for a while now, of doing something together. We have a similar aesthetic. We like the same things. While we are different, stylistically, I think we're pretty much on the same page. And we were both laid off from the same company within a couple of months of each other (they kept her on through Fashion Week and then wanted her to stay, but not to pay her ...). So, we're going into business. Woo-hoo.

Not anything brick and mortar. Not anything that requires too much of an initial investment. But something that will give us purpose. And maybe a little extra cash ...

And, when you're an unemployed gal, with the economy what it is ... anything that can bring in a little extra cash is not so bad ...

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