Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OK. Here's the thing. I want things. I really want things. I am a girl who likes to shop. I am a girl who loves clothes. And fashion. And most of all ... oh my goodness ... shoes! I have always loved shoes. There is no telling when it began. My mother, who does not love shoes in the way that I love shoes (and barely comprehends it), is pretty sure I came out of the womb that way. I definitely recall absolutely needing a pair of blue ankle strap clogs in 1980. I was in first grade. They were beautiful (Thank you, Nana).

So, with unemployment on me ... and trying to be so good with my money - eating out less, if at all. Going to bars almost never. Graciously accepting drinks from employed friends. Cooking. And, most importantly, refraining from shopping. And I have been so very good. I have skipped sample sales. I have not bought new jeans (though loads of my friends say I should ask the ex for his fancy discount to get a new pair). I didn't buy new rain boots, though mine are too big and I trip over my own two feet if I walk too far in them. I let winter arrive without new sweaters.

But another season is upon us. And I am in need of summer clothes. I promise you, this is not just an itch that needs scratching. This is for real. I need sandals. I will not lie. I am not a huge fan of sandals, but ... sometimes ... they are necessary. In the summer time ... the go with jeans and short shorts (I have plenty of those!) and sundresses and maxi dresses ... A good neutral sandal can go a long way. And I need a pair.

Those of you who know me may say, "Come now, MatchGirl. You have plenty of shoes. How can you possibly need sandals?!"

OK. I hear you. I see where you're coming from. I do have loads and loads of shoes. Some that I barely wear. But, I am not saying I need boots or sneakers or ballet flats or espadrilles or towering heels. I have those things. Sure, I find ones that I like. I see ones that I may want. But need? No. But I do need sandals. (Or, I will when the cold, wet, grey weather goes away).

I found a pair that I really like at Hayden-Harnett. (Where there is another pair of amazing wedges that I do not need, but might be lusting after). Here's the thing - they may be a little pricey. But they are a local business, based out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I like to be a localvore. In this economy, it's more and more important to me. Sorry. A tangent, I know.

HH is having a sample sale right now - I avoided it, and after reading the reviews on Racked, I'm glad that I did. But the Racked review also had a link to an online sample sale where, it just so happens, there are a handful of shoes - in sample sizes - on there. And there are these amazing sandals. I love them. I think they will go with everything. They're a final sale, so I'm not sure if I should order them. But ... local gal that I am ... I'm thinking of going over the the shop (blocks away) and seeing if a 5 will work out. The comments on the site say that they run big, and I'm a 5 1/2, so ... it's worth a shot.

Um ... if anyone wants to talk me out of it ... do it soon!!!

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