Thursday, April 30, 2009

Craft Fair!

OK, my lovelies, it's in Park Slope, but let's not hold that against it.
On Saturday and Sunday there will be a $30 and under craft fair at the Lyceum on Fourth Ave in Park Slope.

As you all know, I have been pushing the crafting in these dark days - idle hands and all that. And while yours truly did not have her shit together to make things for any upcoming craft fairs, I definitely want to promote them. Especially one like this. Shop local. Craft local. Keep the little bit of cash you have in the neighborhood! They are keeping all the handmade goodies at under $30, with your laid-off ass in mind!

I hope to make it there on Sunday (as I already have plans for Saturday - It's the run for the roses, after all, and there are mint juleps to be drunk) to check out what the crafty peeps of Brooklyn have been up to. Fingers crossed that there are only one or two booths of screen-printed totes and tees, because we all know there will be a dirth of them if the Renegade Craft Fair comes back to McCarren! Hopefully, gentle readers, you will all be able to make it as well.

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