Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guest Blogger; Part Four

Matt's just sent me an update on his job hunt:

Has my dignity bottomed out? Not just yet. Check this:

(This is from that lame site called oDesk that demanded I pass a skills test before I be allowed to apply for anything.)

"Our company is looking for people over 18
years old to write reviews for some of the webs
most popular dating and (adult websites).

As a writer for us you will be given free, unlimited
access to several websites. You
will be required to visit each site and write reviews
based on quality of content and other
criteria specific to each project.

Compensation varies per project.

If you are interested in this opportunity please
email us.."

I really doubt that the reviews will really be of "dating" sites, so much as they'll be of that particular brand of classy portal specializing in such erudite subjects as midgets, fisting, and barnyard "friendships." Or perhaps combinations of the three. I'll pass.

And, I really hate when people screw up the use of apostrophes, i.e.: "some of the webs most popular" Come on people, is it really that difficult to differentiate between the plural and the possessive? That's what, 8th grade English class? Or, perhaps they've been so busy perusing the web's most popular adult sites that the blindness that afflicts those who engage in the activity accompanying the frequenting of those sites has already begun to set in. That was a really wordy way to say they've gone blind from spanking it too much, just like my said would happen.

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