Monday, April 20, 2009

More Fun With Craigslist

Ok, dear ones, looking through this afternoon I came across this gem. I just couldn't resist sharing it with you:

We are a very busy Real Estate Company In Chelsea Area in Manhattan.
Looking to hire some smart, happy and fast learner people with great voices who know how to talk to our loyal customers on the phone in a daily basis.
Daily work includes; calling Landlords as well as prospect Tenants with Information about the services we provide.
Please DO NOT SEND US YOUR RESUME IN ANY FORM. We do not need your resume!!!
In a few short lines tell us about yourself including your past type of employment, Hobbies and what makes you a good candidate for this job. If we feel you are fit for this job, we will call you to schedule an interview.
We pay no benefit, vocation, 401K, travel expenses or Healthcare insurance but we pay Minimum wage. Isn't this great? :-)
After you proved yourself to us and became an asset to our company, then we will pay you a little bit more.
Now if you think this is a right job for you, Please reply to and let us know that you are interested. Looking forward to seeing you with a big smile on your face. :-)
Thanks Kevin

So, apparently, you are supposed to show up, work your ass off and make no money for it ... in the hopes of one day you might have "proven" yourself to this douche. Nice.


  1. I just responded to one this guys emails this time he asked for a resume and asked me to come to an interview between 6 to 9pm today or tommorow . So I googled dukyiyan and got this interview. Thank God I did because the adress he gave me doesn't appear on mapquest. He need to beput on blast.

  2. lol, just saw a similar ad on craigslist and googled the email address, found this; i'll pass!