Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Down To Business

Yesterday, I posted a link to a website about how to use your time wisely when unemployed. And, in previous posts, you may get the feeling that I haven't really been doing so. And you might be right with that assumption. I sleep too late. I stay up too late ... And that, in itself, can sometimes throw off any hope for regular productivity.

So, today, I woke earlier than normal - did yoga, drank some coffee and got my butt out into the sunshine day. It's a beautiful day in Greenpoint Brooklyn. I met my friend N, a photographer, for a late breakfast/early lunch at Roebling Tea Room and then got down to business.

I've always been a crafty girl. I have a degree in studio art. I have a huge collection of gorgeous fabrics that I never know what to do with. When I was a kid, I was quite crafty. I decided to make a present for my friend's newborn with some pretty awesome vintage fabric I've been hoarding since the 90s. Today was the great quest for poly-fill in the neighborhood. You'd think it'd be an easy find ... not so much. Shout out to the ladies at Space Craft on Bedford/South 4th, who didn't have what I needed but were not only super nice (and their store is super cute) but they told me where I might find some and some alternatives to store bought poly-fill that were so simple, but I never would have thought of - so then I walked and walked to a cool little fabric store jam packed with stuff on Grand between Lorimer and Leonard (will definitely hit that up before my next trip to Mood!!).

And there it is. Does it have anything to do with the job I'm currently looking for? No. Not so much. I'm really just looking for an admin position in fashion/beauty/retail, as I've done for so long already. But. It does have something to do with the job I'm hoping to get once I'm done with the classes I want to take (and am currently taking) at FIT. And it's something to talk about in an interview when one eventually comes my way. What have I been up to in these months of unemployment? Sitting on my ass? Oh no, not me! I've been using this time to catch up on some crafting that I didn't really have time for before. I've been taking classes at FIT. I've been making little stuffed animals for my friend's infant daughter. Sure, of course I've sent out resumes, but I've been using my time - hopefully - wisely.

It's so easy to feel bummed out, down and depressed when you're unemployed. Especially when you've been so for a while. And it's true that you cannot spend 8 hours a day looking for a job. You'll only make yourself crazy. And, really? You want to tell the HR person at your next interview that you've been spending the day cooped up on the internet? That doesn't make you seem like a very interesting person. Who wants to hire someone dull?

So you have the time! I have the time! Let's use it!!!

Craft. Exercise. Paint. Sew. Walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of the things you see. Just get out there and try not to feel sorry for yourself. There're a lot of unemployed peeps out there right now. It's nothing personal.

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