Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've seen three posts on Craigslist in the past two days with similar titles - basically, the poster is willing to pay someone hundreds of dollars for helping them land a job. Times are tough, that's no lie, but it's such a bummer that people have to pay total strangers, not professional recruiters, just everyday shmoes, to help them find a job ...

Here are a couple of excerpts:

I'll pay $500 to whoever helps me land a job in the areas of Graphic design or Illustration.

I've been out of work since last year, and as a recent college graduate, its frustrating to no end when I know that I'm highly skilled, talented and have a great deal to contribute to anyone that hires me. So whats the problem? It's not really about skill, but the fact that my resume is buried under tons of others who are in line for the same job. Couple that with a bad economy and I don't even need to stress the rest.

If you can arrange an interview and I land the job, I'll take $500 out of my first check and pay you immediately, I'll even sign a contract. If this works, this would solve the first and most obvious bind of being unemployed, so if you help me get out of this it's more than likely I'll feel good enough to throw in something a little extra....

This person put their phone number and resume right out there:

Hello, I am looking for a telecommute graphic design position and will pay $200 to anyone who can help me find a good opportunity (long-term freelance or part-time). I have five years of graphic design experience with clients such as Fisher Price, the University at Buffalo, and the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

My contact details: 716-868-9175

Resume: http://www.scribd.com/doc/13593350/Sthompson-Resume

Recent Graphic/Web Design Work:

University at Buffalo School of Nursing Website Re-Design:

Uniland Development Company Website Re-Design

Western Division Federal Credit Union Website Re-Design

From Japan E-Commerce Design

And this person apparently has tried this before, to no avail:

*I am reposting this because I got a good response last time, and had some good leads, but in the end nothing has quite panned out. If you contacted me last time but didnt get a response, feel free to email again...for a time there I was overwhelmed by emails and yours may have fell through the cracks*

I have been looking for a job since November, and I have been stunned at how little luck I have been having. I am a recent college grad with tons of experience in the areas of television and film production, marketing, and communications...much more than the average college student.

My experience is phenomenal for a recent grad, so I know that is not the problem. It is simply an issue of having to compete with thousands of others for every position I apply to due to the down economy and flooded job market. Who knows if my resume and cover letters are even being read?

One more:

This is very serious, so serious replies only please. Discretion is no problem. Lets talk

I mean, I'm having a rough time with my job hunt, I'm not going to lie ... and I am trying to use all the social netwroking opportunities that I can ... but getting a perfect stranger in on it? I dunno, kids. Sounds kind of sketch to me ...

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  1. "I am a recent college grad with tons of experience in the areas of television and film production, marketing, and communications...much more than the average college student."

    Clearly he/she needs more experience in effective marketing and communications. I agree, craigslist ads like this are totally sketch.