Sunday, March 29, 2009


I mentioned in a previous post that I was attempting to make good use of my days. That I would be doing some crafty projects and that I would be trying to take some classes.

I'm looking at the FIT class schedule for the summer and the class I really want to take is not being offered. There are a couple that look interesting, informative and might be useful in the long run, but not that give me the skills that I am looking for right now. If I had a job, and an income, I might think about taking one of these classes. They're not crazy expensive, but, every penny counts these days and I think I will wait for the fall semester to take another class - one that will help me build a portfolio and move on. In the meantime, perhaps I can find a copy of AI and try to hone my skills over the summer so that I'm the star if the class in the fall ...

Anyway - I've put up a few posts called "Walkabout", which are just photos I've taken while walking around. I'll keep doing those from time to time. And I will also keep posting these, "FUNemployment" (thanks to my friend Eric for the title), which will be pix of projects I've worked on and probably some rambling about them.

Below are a couple of photos of a jacket that I made. The pattern is a Built By Wendy for Simplicity pattern (there are loads and you can find them online here, at either of the Built By Wendy store in NY and probably where other patterns are sold). The fabric is a really dark denim with a sheer(ish) cotton lining. I'm psyched to have it finished in time for the spring weather.

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