Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Fun With Craigslist

Please summit a short video describing your skills and personality. Mpeg, youtube, or facebook link are acceptable.

Job hiring immediately.

OK. The job I pulled this from actually looks all right. It's pay is unspecified and it's one of those jobs where you wear way too many hats and never make enough money. And, while pretty much everyone has a video camera, I don't. And I don't think I come across that well on video anyway.

There are always positions asking you to send a photo - mostly in retail, where they want their salespeople to look pretty (regardless of skill). But I am seeing it more and more for administrative and personal assistants.

Here's a couple more:
Part time personal ass't to work out of soho providing support for personal (travel arrangements, shopping, social calendar, etc) and business ( research commercial realestate deveopment and screen play research). It's important that the person have a great attitude and positive out look on life...No drama, organization skills , experience w/ Mac computer is important, responsible , exceedingly honest and ability to complete a task. The hours are flexible and will vary from week to week. Please send a resume , references, availability to meet as well as a photo.

* Compensation: Starting @ $20 per hour

We are a rapidly growing web company based in midtown Manhattan. We sell watches and jewelry primarily on the internet.

We are looking for a multi-skilled person who can act as an office utility player as well as model pieces of jewelry from our line. Modeling experience is not required, but is definitely a plus.
The person we are looking to hire must be well spoken on the phone and have customer service experience as CS will play a large portion of the job we are looking to fill asap.

Our company has a great energy and upbeat vibe!

Please send us photographs of head shots and/or portfolio pictures along with your resume and salary requirements. We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.


* Compensation: TBD based on Customer Service and Modeling Experience

There was one more (that I can't re-find) that was a gay man looking for a gay assistant because he thought a gay assistant would be more anal in his filing ... Maybe it was flagged and taken down. Or perhaps he found someone right away?


  1. I'm the Brooklyn reporter for NY1 News and while I don't have a job for you, I am interested in speaking with you and possibly doing a news item about your job search. Please email me with your contact information at jeanine.ramirez@ny1news.com

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  3. sure you didn't misread it as 'anal in his filling'