Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Summer Wasting

It happens every year, doesn't it? The summer is half over before you've even realized that it's begun. Well, that's what happens to me, anyway. Most years. Of course, my fellow New Yorkers (and New Englanders) will argue that summer has barely started, as it rained for a month straight. But it is summer. And it's nearly over.

Of course, there are things that I haven't done - for a variety of reasons - no money, rainy days, no date, sheer laziness ... And, I can't change some of these things - not with a snap op of my fingers - but there are loads of things left to do this summer and lots of them are free! So, as long as the rain holds out and I can overcome lazy ... there's not much reason, gentle readers, I shouldn't venture out on my own, now is there?

The Pool Parties at the state park on Kent and North 8th Street.

Free films at McCarren Park, there are loads of free films all over the city in the summer time, but these are in my own backyard.

And, as I'm off to a free show at Governor's Island right now ... the rest will have to wait

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