Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep An Eye Out

My loyal readers may have seen a comment posted on this blog a couple weeks back from a Jeanine Ramirez from NY1. Ms. Ramirez is doing a week of features on how the economic downturn is affecting Brooklyn and your MatchGirl will be featured in one of the segments.

It's slated to air on NY1 (on your NYC cable system) Wednesday night at 11PM and then to be re-run in the 8PM hour Thursday. Of course, those of you thrifty enough to have canceled your cable (I, gentle ones, am not among you) and those of you who do not live in NYC, can look for the link online - and yes, of course, I will be posting it here. Ms. Ramirez also mentioned that she had been in touch with our friends over at Brokelyn for the same segment. So set your DVRs, my dear readers, and put a little pop-up reminder on your Outlook/Google/Blackberry calendars and don't miss me (hopefully not making a fool of myself) on cable TV.



  1. Thank you so much for hooking us up with New York 1!

  2. Turned on my TV... and there you were, expressing the same pain and troubles that I'm facing. I have a clothing company (www.nickalan.com) and I was doing great until the economy took a turn for the worse. So now I have lost my investors, buyers and my studio/team. I just moved here 3 weeks ago leaving behind everything in hopes that I could get back on track in NYC.

    It's Amazing here, and I love every second of it, but its soooo hard to find any work! I can find plenty of promotion... but what good is a magazine article....if you have no product, and no consumers...?

    Hopefully things will turn around for us. I think the worst part, is building a company for 7 years, and losing it in 3 months. And now having to do menial entry level jobs that have nothing to do with my talents and expertise. :/

    Well, good luck to you!!!! Keep your head up! -Nick Alan

  3. I saw it this morning! Fun! I also am an unemplyed artist who started her own website a couple of years ago and have been in and out of "employment" during that time. After I had been laid off from my real job four years ago it was hard to find something and especially that suited me. SO I am back to "unemployed" status but going full throttle with my web magazine. So I DO know what you are going through and then some. I have a feeling that the spot on NY1 will be helping you tremendously. Maybe you are already doing what you should be doing...Very nice site! You should come and visit me too.


    Maria (aka Gothic Goddess)

  4. Saw it this morning too! I just lost my design job 1 month ago, living the "single girl with a sewing machine" life in Brooklyn as well! Also doing the Etsy thing to stir up some extra cash, but being single, young(ish), broke and creative is a lonely struggle!!!

    Rock on sister!