Thursday, July 30, 2009


I haven't posted lately, dear readers, anything of a too personal nature. No deep thoughts. No dating stories/horrors. It's not that I haven't been thinking these things. It's not that I haven't been lookin' round for prince charming. There just hasn't been a lot to say.

But walking through McCarren Park this afternoon, after a morning spent e-mailing, networking and trying to organize an Unemployed Brooklyn event, I had some time to think about a few things of a more personal nature ... After all the amazing things that happened last week - the exposure from NY1, the amazing comments and e-mails I received from other unemployed people (in Brooklyn and other parts of not only the country, but world), old friends that I am very happy to hear from coming out of nowhere - when I take pause, I'm a little sad.

Because I've no one to share it with.
Sure. I have friends. I have a roommate. I have family a phone call away.
But it's not quite the same.

If you're single, you know what I'm talking about. Even if you are OK with being single. At the end of the day, when something really good (or really bad) happens, you just want that one person to lean on. That one person who will be excited for you. The one person who will answer their cell in the middle of the day because it's you and they are happy to hear from you. That one person who, even though there's a lot of stuff happening in their own life, is always thinking about you. Always in your corner.

I wonder if that is a lot to ask.


  1. No, it isn't a lot to ask. As a fellow single person living here in NYC since 1998, I have felt the same way many times, but as the old saying goes, don't look for it because sooner or later it will come to you when you least expect it. Remember all things happen for a reason. So although you don't have a loved one to share those personal things that matter to you, you still are not really lonely in the classic sense. You have good friends, acquaintances, roommates and especially family members who care and look out for you.
    I know by personal experience myself, since I was unemployed for five straight years after being an attorney for 14 years and then my marriage ended. But now I have been working as a paralegal for a Manhattan lawfirm for the past 10 years and last year, I finally have met a nice girl who I am currently dating and going out with. So don't lose the faith and keep on fighting the good fight!

  2. can i just say... ditto, through and through?!
    i've been single all my life, and i guess i'm ok with it, but i have days like that. especially being unemployed, it makes it rougher, i think.

  3. Sometimes I get slapped with an unyielding sense of anxiety and dread (of unknown origin), and can't help but feel that if I had somebody to look forward to seeing, it wouldn't be that way.

  4. Don't loose faith!

    It isn't too much to ask for! Everyone needs that certain someone!

  5. After sept. 11, I got laid off and couldn't find a job for over 2 years. I got depressed and felt pralized. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend (whom I loved dearly), and remained alone in my apartment. I thought I can start again, but just couldn't fake a smile, eat or sleep. I know what you mean and how you feel. What realy saved me is that one day on the beach. I saw the open sky, the fresh air, the endless waves washing the shore, I felt humble by these natural powers and felt like a child. I needed to feel comfort, warmth, cozyness and safe. Then I was able to move on.
    So, It isn't too much to ask for.