Monday, July 11, 2011

Play With Fire

Lemonade StandLast night your MatchGirl, gentle readers, listened to an interview with Conan O'Brien and something he said really struck me. He said, I'll paraphrase, "When you turn what you love into a career, then you're playing with fire." In light of Trust 30 and of the passion in Anything You Want, this thought gives me pause. I think that to make money doing something that you love is amazing.

Something that most of us can only hope for.

I understand Conan's point - that turning an escape into work is a game-changer. That turning fun into profit, and having to sustain it, is a lot to wrap one's mind around. Still, though, to do what you love every day, even if it is work - hard work, even if others rely on you for their jobs - I think that is a gift that we all should be striving for.

Now that the Trust 30 challenge is (officially) over, your MatchGirl is not sure if she will be able to sustain posting here every day. I hope that I can sustain to post here, as well as on Precious Environment, five days a week, but content creation, as many of you know, is certainly a time consuming endeavor. As I move forward with my new position, creating and editing content for a couple of other blogs during the 9-to-5, and enjoying summer months and activities with Boyfriend, I hope I can continue to provide you with near daily musings. Wish me luck!

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