Monday, July 25, 2011


Gentle readers, when your MatchGirl was unemployed, she made a schedule for herself. She didn't sleep all day (unless she was sick or ridiculously hungover, of course). She got up in the morning, Monday through Friday, washed her face, popped in her contacts and did a yoga workout. Five days a week.

When I go a job, I slowed it down to three days a week. I woke early and did my little routine for about thirty minutes - usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday - and then I'd finish getting ready for work and be on my way. And I felt great.

But things happen and plans change and oh my goodness isn't it so much nicer you stay curled up next to your boo on a cold winter morning than rising early and working out? Yeah. I think so, too.

But being stagnant is no good.

So after months of laziness and having no discipline at all, your MatchGirl is back on it. That's right, dear ones, I am back on the getting up early three days a week, working out before going to work track I was so faithfully on for about 8 months. And I'm feeling it, too!

But, even though it hurts right now, I know I'll be the stronger for it in the end. Life's funny like that.

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