Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Year...

Good morning, gentle readers.
Can you believe that it was one year ago today that your MatchGirl, depressed and disheartened, crawled out of bed on a dismal February morning and started this little tome?

I can't begin to quantify how thing have changed for me since that day.  I'm still an unemployed gal in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  But the quality of my life, except for that pesky no income part, could not be better.

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people, to work on some great projects and to bring together people in a way that wasn't available previously in our neighborhood.  I've been able to focus on what I enjoy doing and, at the same time, grow my profile and my resume.  And, most significantly, and importantly to me personally, I've been able to let a few of you know that you are not alone in this unemployed world.

Thank you for reading, dear ones.



  1. Welcome. Your strugle was heard but now you won. Without try and a lazy can not won the life race. Unemployed