Monday, February 8, 2010

So Sad About Us

Ah, gentle readers, you must forgive your MatchGirl's absence on the interweb of late. There has ben a tragedy and my trusty little iBook is out of juice. While he sits at Tek Serve, waiting to be repaired, I am left without a way to post to you.

Currently, I'm sitting in the Greenpoint branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, frantically trying to get things done in 30 minute snippets. I think we can all agree that this is not the best way to be prodctive! Between responding to e-mails and job hunting, trying to start schoolwork and trying to update my blogs so you, my faithful readers, won't think I forgot you, time is ticking down fast fast fast!

It's impossible to get done much of what I need to using the computers in the public library.  They have such strict restrictions on what you can and cannot do with them.  And, while I should go to FIT and get some things done, where there are fast Macs (yay!!!!!) and limited restrictions on what you can do with websites and no time limits, I can't remember my new password and the paper it's written on is somewhere not on me.  Alas.

Thus is the life of a computer-less girl in the computer age!

Walking into Tek Serve on Saturday afternoon with my sad little iBook, I was simply praying that they could fix it.  I had an idea what was wrong with it - despite its age, it still runs pretty well - but I am definitely no expert.  While the gentleman said that it was something they could fix, and he was not condescnding or weird or anything about it, he also told me that my little friend was 4 years old and the motherboards were really only slated to last for 3ish.  *sigh*  I know.  What I wouldn't give to have the cash for a sleek new computer!  A MacBook Pro - all trim and fast with long battery life!  It's a girl's dream!  Not having a job for a year, however, it's simply not in the cards.

Certainly, the first thing I will do once I am gainfully employed (after I buy my dear friend T a case of her favorite potabl - as a giant thanks for keeping me fed and liquored this whole year) is buy myself a brand, spankin' new Mac!  For now, I wait.

I only have a few more minutes left on the library computer, dear ones, so I must sign off.  Keep your fingers crossed for my little iBook to be back with me by the end of the week and more tales of unemployment to follow.

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