Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Fun with Craigslist

MATURE, EXPERIENCED Admin Asst. (williamsburg)
Date: 2010-02-02, 12:42AM EST

We are a small importer/manufacturer located in the warehouse district of Williamsburg. You will be working in a small office in a dusty warehouse. you will be working hard and will be asked to perform many duties and have alot [sic] of responsibilities. If you cannot deal with this read no further. if you are a loyal, hardworking, COMPETENT, and honest person we are looking for YOU!

OK. So they are looking for someone to work their asses off in a small, dirty place. Awesome.

And, this person while not needing a ton of experience, needs to have gotten (at least part of) a college education and have worked in an office. They need to be skilled and computer savvy (or, as they type, saavy). They need to have an outstanding personality and they need to shine.

- 2 years work experience in an office
-Minimum 2 years college
-able to answer calls (take orders, customer service)
-able to interact with customers (have a great personality)
-verifiable references
-skilled in Microsoft Office
-computer saavy
-Mature individual

A Plus:
-knowledge of Quickbooks
-bilingual (chinese) (MAJOR PLUS as we need an individual that can communicate with overseas suppliers and our overseas warehouse..almost guarantees you the job providing you meet all the requirements)
-graphic design
-skilled in Photoshop
-any computer networking skills

Oh yeah, and while you're at it, please be fluent in Chinese, and know graphic design, including Photoshop, and be able to help the company with their computer network.

-answer phones: (take phone orders, customer service)
-input orders into Quickbooks
-shipping (ups, fedex, usps)
-keep office running efficiently and organized
-inventory control
-warehouse work (no heavy lifting)
-product packaging
-read and answer emails

We are small and not able to offer the perks that a big company can. However, we are a fast growing business in a niche industry. The more valuable you prove yourself to be to the company the more you will make. This is a great opportunity for a talented and loyal worker.

You will be offered minimum wage (off the books) during the training/probationary period of 1 month. Afterwards, you will be offered $12-15 per hour to start.

And, at the end of the day, for a month, at least, they will pay you $7/hour (granted under the table, but who can survive on $7/hr) and then, if you've worked your ass off, they will pay you $12-$15 (so, obviously, you're commuting to Williamsburg from somewhere, cos who can afford to live there on that salary?). No perks. No benefits. Probably no paid sick days. I'm sure no vacation days. Definitely no health insurance.


Glad to see that someone who is invaluable is only worth $12-$15 an hour. It's good to know.