Friday, September 25, 2009

Where To Find Me

Wonder what your MatchGirl will be up to this weekend, dear readers? Can't think of anything fun to do without spending a bunch of cash? Just don't want to leave the comfort of your own neighborhood? Well, gentle ones, there are loads of fun activities happening this weekend in Greenpoint and Williamsburg - so get off your bum and participate!

Friend of Unemployed Brooklyn, Joann at Greenpointers has a great post today with a ton of fun and local activities (a couple of which she organized herself, so make sure to check them out!).

Where-o-where will your MatchGirl be?

Ah, my dear ones, I will start the weekend off right by popping into the opening of the Greenpoint Open Studios at the new WNYC Transmitter Park (located at the end of Greenpoint Ave).

Tomorrow I shall make appearances at The Indie Designer Soiree at The Arsenal in Williamsburg. One of our fellow unemployeds has a table here and I'm excited to check out her work!

Also on Saturday, I will be checking out the tasty goodies at the Greenpoint Food Market. Last weekend, I picked up some tasty heirloom pickles and some really delicious coriander mustard (I, in fact, enjoy this mustard so much that I have planned my whole menu for the next few days based on using it in as many meals as possible!).

And finally, I will be exploring as many of the open studios as possible. One of our fellow unemployeds (the writer of everyone's favorite cover letter) is opening his studio for the world, or, you know, the neighborhood, to check out. He is also showing at Marie Taillefer Gallery, which, like many of the galleries involved in Greenpoint Open Studios, is having an opening party from 6 to 8 PM.

Finally, Sunday evening is the closing party for the GOS and my very dear friend Jacob Jiles will be playing. Coco 66. 9PM. Sunday night. Check him out and say good night to another fantabulous North Brooklyn Weekend.

If you see me out and about at one of these events, please say hello. Unless you are a creepy stalker, if you are a creepy stalker, please keep a distance of at least 500 feet. Your MatchGirl is not a fan of creepy stalkers.

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