Friday, September 25, 2009

Frugal October

Katharine over at NYC Recession Diary has challenged herself to a FRUTOBER and your MatchGirl is considering whether she will participate.

The basic premise is that, during the month of October, she will spend only $75 on food. Wow. That is definitely frugal! I spent $28 yesterday with an eye towards trying to figure out exactly how many meals/days I could get out of it. I'm sort of guessing a week (so far two, with a couple more planned).

Here are her rules:

October Hacks
Honestly, I’ve got to keep this kind of interesting. Here are my October Budget “Hacks” so it feels a little more like a game than like hell:

--Any change I find can be spent on top of the $75 food or $25 party budgets, unless it’s from my change bowl at home (I also can’t steal – dammit).
--Free food at work is free, baby.
--I will not ask anyone for anything, but if someone offers me free food, drinks or whatnot, it’s not against my rules to accept. But I will NOT become a food-digger. (Like a gold-digger. Get it? hah hah. You can hold me accountable in my blog posts.)
--If in the really off chance I sell something, I can spend only half of the money made. The other half goes into my savings account. (Doubt I’ll be selling anything, but who knows.)

Some of these are tricks that your MatchGirl has found helpful over the past several months (especially the food-digger part!) and I highly recommend for you to try!

If you feel like joining her in her frugal food journey, let her know at nycrecessiondiary AT

I'll keep you all posted if I decide to participate!

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