Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Few Good Men?

There's a proliferation of singles events in this city, gentle readers.

And there is a problem with all of these events. A big one.

Men are strongly encouraged to buy tickets for the Brokelyn/Brooklyn Based MeatUp at the Bell House this Wednesday evening. This morning, while listening to Weekend Edition, I heard Leonard Lopate beseeching male listeners to sign up for the 40 and over singles event that WNYC is hosting in October. And, while your MatchGirl could not make it to the Smiths Singles Night, right around the corner from her apartment, a friend told her they closed the sign up to women soon after the event was announced, and were begging for guys right up until the day of the event.

Oh my.

Why is it so difficult to meet eligible men in NYC, my lovelies? And why do women still think that these events are going to be filled with hotties, instead of just a lot of other women - all as smart, pretty and interesting as themselves?

Your MatchGirl is no stranger to the dating scene. Not at all. She's been single for a long while now. And she's kissed a lot of frogs. She's met some interesting men who she liked and who didn't like her as much. She met some flakes. She's met some losers. She's met a handful of jackasses (in fact, she saw one yesterday at the Greenpoint Food Market - not in time to say "hi", just in time to see him, from the corner of her eye, slinking out, attempting to avoid being seen - you know who I'm talking about El Cuerpo!) She's met some great guys she just didn't click with. And she is still looking for Mister Right (or Mister Really-Close-To-Right).

I'm just not sure where I ought to go to meet him. I am, however, under no illusion that I will find him at one of these events. It's possible I will meet some other cool and single women to go bar-hopping with. But men are a fickle bunch, and to meet one who is interested in dating at a singles meat market just seems unlikely ...

Especially when they're not even signing up to go.


  1. as a fellow unemployed, single gal in brooklyn, i appreciate and relate to your rant(s) :)

  2. I noticed that for the WNYC thing and for the BB thing as well. It strikes me, since the Internet has given me the impression that there is always a flock of men for every single woman. Not so in NY, it seems.