Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back To School

There is a lot of talk out there about how the unemployed can get some cash to go back to school in this economic downturn. A lot of it has some strings attached and a lot of it is for really specific job-training, but let's consider, gentle readers, the benefits of education not only in your hunt for a new (better, more stable) job, but how it can help in your unemployment.

Think about your days. Perhaps you are motivated and rise early in the morning, go to the gym, go for a run, etc ... Perhaps you are always on the move. Perhaps you spend the day on the couch feeling sorry for yourself. And, of course, all of this depends on what point of your unemployment you're at. Of course you look for jobs - you network, you cruise Monster and Craigslist and whatever other sites you're plaintively searching for a job on. But, do you have projects? Things that you're working on which need actual deadlines?

Tonight, your MatchGirl starts class at FIT. Fall semester, with a handful of young and fresh-faced students? It's just one class and yes, it's towards a greater goal of not only a job, but of a career. A career in something I'll enjoy - as opposed to a career that's there for a paycheck. However, dear ones, I gotta say, as my unemployment lingers, I am excited to start a class. To have a schedule that's for something greater. Even if I wasn't looking for a change in career, I believe that taking a class is a great idea. It gives you structure. It makes you committed to being somewhere, every week, and accomplishing things for this class. It gives your days different purpose than just looking for a job.

I'm taking a class at FIT. The semester has started, but they have lots of weekend classes and continuing ed programs and, as a SUNY school, they are very reasonably priced. Check out the evening and weekend classes online here. Anyone else have great places that the unemployed can "better" themselves? I know some people take classes at 3rd Ward and Noble Desktop. Anything else?

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