Friday, September 16, 2011

Money Talks

A few weeks back, gentle readers, your MatchGirl published a post highlighting the importance of getting paid what you are worth. This is something, unfortunately, that plagues so many as we continue in this economy.

There are people who are employed, full-time, but still struggling to make ends meet.

There are people who are under-employed, constantly struggling.

There are those who are unemployed, who are happy to take any job that comes their way.

And then there are those who make plenty to live on - perhaps not luxuriously so, but enough - who complain that they still need more.

It's rough in a city like New York, where the cost of living is so very high, but these people exist in every corner of the globe.

Though your MatchGirl knows it's impolite to speak of money, sometimes, one needs to talk about it. Sometimes one needs to get out there and make their voice heard. Because how else are you going to get paid more money? How else are you going to talk to your boss or find a new job or let your network know that you need something more?

Your MatchGirl, dear readers, knows that it's hard to talk about. She has the same problems as you do.

So here is the question for you - how do you approach these issues? These conversations?

You're valuable. How do you make sure to get paid what you know you're worth?


  1. Great topic. Some thoughts.

    Things employers don't want to hear:
    - I need more money
    - I got a higher offer from another potential employer
    - I do more work than my colleague and she gets paid more

    Things your employer may consider:
    - My role/contribution has expanded since I started and I'd like to discuss an adjustment in compensation to match
    - I'd like to discuss ways to increase compensation. Can we discuss my contributions and how we can tie it to future benchmarks?

    Just my $0.02.
    -Alan Berkson

  2. As always, valuable comments. Thanks so much for sharing your tips!