Friday, August 5, 2011

More Fun With Craigslist or Get Paid What You're Worth

Gentle readers, when your MatchGirl was unemployed, she spent a lot of time looking at job listings, on all manner of sites, and Craigslist, that friendly marketplace, was amongst them. And during that time, your MatchGirl and your fellow readers stumbled upon some fairly ridiculous postings - so many that I decided to have a series of posts entitled More Fun With Craigslist - where I would take apart, bit by bit, the job posting.

Most of these were listings where the people were looking for interns or volunteers for their for-profit businesses, requiring knowledge of an arm's length of software and years plus of experience. For forty hours a week. Which is uncool and, usually, illegal.

People ask for, and get away with, a lot when the economy has hit rock bottom because they feel like it's an excuse for behaving badly. They need work done. They "can't" pay for it (or, at least, they don't want to) so they advertise a position labeled, only at the bottom usually, as an internship.

It's been a while since your MatchGirl has trolled the pages of Craigslist, being employed and all, but as we need some extra income right now (see this post if you are wondering why), dear readers, I have hit the net in search of some freelance writing gigs (send 'em my way!). Which is where I came across the following:

Clicking on the picture should bring it up larger, but let me share the key point: is seeking a fast-paced, dedicated and knowledgeable individual to fill the position of Fashion Editor for our one-million user blog site. This is an unpaid internship that holds the potential of securing you a position in the multi-faceted industry.

You have a site with a million users and you want an unpaid intern to be the fashion editor?


That's messed up.

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  1. I feel ya. I just graduated and have no problem with a real internship but not some place that just wants free labor. They must not be all of that if they can't afford to pay someone what they're worth. They should be ashamed.