Friday, August 19, 2011

Right Here Waiting For You

Ah, gentle readers, when it comes to things happening in your life, there is one thing your MatchGirl knows for sure. You can't wait for things to happen to you. They never will.

Sure there are a lot of lovely, romantic songs about waiting for things to happen.

Sure, Sleeping Beauty fell into a deep sleep (Snow White, too!) and waited for her Prince to come.

Sure, Rapunzel, locked in her tower, waited for her Prince, too - and then threw down her hair so he could rescue her...

Here's the deal, dear ones, there is no use waiting. No one is going to rescue you.

Whether you are looking for love or looking for money or looking for a job. It's you who has to do the work. No one is going to do it for you.

Your MatchGirl spent - no, wasted - a lot of years waiting. Waiting for a boyfriend to carry me away from my problems. Waiting for a promotion. Waiting for the next thing to happen. The next opportunity to present itself. Here's the thing - those things never happened. I was waiting because the decisions were too scary, too hard. It was easier to wait.

And while I admire and extoll patience (practice it, not so much), there is a really bis difference between being patient and simply waiting.

I beg of you, gentle readers, think about what you want. Make a decision. And go for it.

It's the only way to make the things you want to happen actually come into being.

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