Thursday, October 8, 2009

United We Work

A couple of weeks ago, gentle readers, your MatchGirl received an e-mail promoting a new job search site, based on the tenets of the E-Harmony dating site.

From the e-mail:
In today’s cut-throat job-seeking climate, job seekers are often frustrated by the “black hole” of internet job searching: job seekers submit an application or resume for a position and chances are, they’ll never hear anything about it again.

One new job program has a solution. is seeking to connect job seekers with employers in a more personalized and humane way that’s free for everyone. The model has been compared to that of the popular dating site eHarmony; instead of listing available jobs and applying to each one, job seekers create one profile which includes their skills, experience, education and desires and the job-matching network connects them with recruiters who are filling appropriate positions. is powered by QuietAgent, a next generation job matching network, and is provided free of charge by AllianceQ, a growing collaboration of industry leading Fortune 500 companies whose members include Starbucks, Bank of America, Allstate, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and many more. There are currently 8,500+ employers on the site with more than 350,000 jobs that job seekers are actively being matched to every day. About 250,000 new jobs are added each month. Over 70,000 job seekers have signed up through the United We Work program since its launch in July 2009 – membership has grown by 150% month over month since the launch.

Your Matchgirl has finally had an opportunity to fully create a profile and spend some time in the site. While I'm not yet convinced it is great for more creative types, or those working in the world of fashion or beauty, it seems to offer a fresh approach to job hunting. And goodness knows, we could all use that!

It really does seem to be like a dating site - Here are some more fun features:
It’s perfect for career transitions: Similar to the idea of eHarmony’s matching technology, United We Work utilizes QuietAgent's smart matching technology, which isn’t just based on job titles or keywords. Intuitive yet complex, the site is perfect for anyone open to a career transition and/or relocation because the job seekers are matched with positions based on compatibility of skills and strengths – not just on past experience in that exact position.

Say goodbye to the “black hole”: United We Work is committed to sending members real-time status updates for each job seeker; allowing them to feel empowered by understanding what the process is; if the job has been filled, or if the employer needs more time to decide.

Privacy: While anonymity is still a critical concern for some job seekers, every user is entirely anonymous until they choose to reveal their identity. Additionally, each user’s profile can be set up to exclude any employers by domain names.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if you find it more (or less?) useful than any of the other job sites that you're on. And, hey, what other job sites are you using?

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Black hole indeed.