Thursday, August 6, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends ...

Well, with a little help from someone's friends. Or maybe even you.

A week or so ago, I received an e-mail from a dear friend, mentioning that an unemployed friend of hers was having a tag sale and perhaps I could help out and promote it on my blog. She also put the unemployed friend in touch with your MatchGirl.

The unemployed friend, M, not only lost her job in September, but has an 8 year old daughter to support. Now, gentle readers, I know how hard it is to be jobless, as do most of you, but to be jobless and have someone else relying on you? I have a hard time just getting by on my own. Now M is trying to stay in NY and keep her daughter's life as normal as possible (something any parent can relate to, I'm sure!) and to that end, she is having a tag sale in her Williamsburg apartment on Saturday, August 8th from 10 AM to 7 PM. It's at 315 Berry Street(between South 3rd and South 4th), Apt 208 (second floor). There is a buzzer to be let into the building, but signs will be up.

Here's a bit of the note she sent me:
I'm advertising the sale as a sort of help-me-stay-in-NY-and-support-my-kid-by-buying-my-shit / party / bakesale / funday. I've been incredibly stressed out lately, and really need to unload some of my things to make enough money to stay in NY. ... The idea of relocating with my daughter- who loves her school/life- makes me physically sick! Today she's leaving for a vacation with her grandparents, the duration of which might be extended if things don't look up here in NY.

Here is a bit about what she'll be parting with:
Motherwell print (too many details for this particular email, but if interested, please ask): $650 or best offer
Futon sofa; sturdy, well-cushioned and in fantastic shape- not your average crappy futon: $250-300 or best offer
Amazing wood and cream pleather recliner (yes, PLEATHER)
Books, oh, so many of my beloved books (adult and kid))
Kitchen and cookware
Clothing, amazing bags/purses, hats
Kids toys
Kids clothing
Kids Majar 'Chick' Chair
Art easel (wooden; for kids, with blackboard on opposite side)

Oh, there are so many other things, a whole lifetime of stuff, really, ready to be passed on to you. I'll also be selling some of my embroidered things. I may consider selling one of my favorite possessions- an amazing Emmi Whitehorse litho called Drift- it means a great deal to me, but I might be convinced. It was purchased for $1600. I already have one high bid on it from a dear friend...

And if you are not able to make it to Williamsburg on Saturday, try to make it to Spacecraft one day soon, where M has some embroidery on show/for sale or check out her shop on Etsy.

I know, dear ones, that times are tough for everyone. But I also know that every little bit helps. So, if you are able to, please stop by M's sale, pick up a book or an easel or something. And tell your friends.

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  1. Thanks so much for the post!!! Very thoughtful, and a huge help! -M