Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Your MatchGirl, gentle readers, has been doing a lot of thinking, of late, about reinvention.

And I've been thinking that what we often think of as reinvention is not so much making something new of one's self, but growing into something that you were always working towards. Your MatchGirl feels, dear readers, that life is just a journey. I've certainly been sharing my journey with you here on Unemployed Brooklyn - and you have shared some big changes with me! - and on my new blog - about the journey I have embarked upon in my personal life - A Precious Environment.

Since you've walked this path with me, you can probably see that I haven't changed that much.

I still contemplate relationships. I still try to shop on the cheap. I still connect with people and connect people to one another. I still, very much, share my perspective on being - in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

So, while I am going though some big changes in my life, I don't feel like I have changed. And as I continue this journey, figuring out how to marry my passions and professional worlds, I am inspired by those who have done it before me. I've written about it here before, in a post entitled "The French Chef".

It's not, really, about reinvention, gentle readers. Just about hitting your stride.

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  1. I few years ago before the down turn, I did not even use words like "reinvent"