Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frugality And The Working Girl

Ah, gentle readers, your MatchGirl may have a job, but that doesn't mean she's rolling in dough.  Of course, a lady never talks about money.  But this lady is going to tell you a thing or two about keeping it. 

Of course, loyal readers of this little blog will know that I am a frugal girl.  That I survived on unemployment with no credit cards and no money from mom and dad or that imaginary trust fund (that so many accused me of having).  That even though I had very little money, I still managed to have a pretty good life while looking for a job.

Now, as you know, I am working.  And I have a paycheck.  And some of those little luxuries that accompany that - the ability to pay bills/rent on time, health insurance, groceries.  And I have the ability to do a few things that I had to be careful about before, like dinner out at a nice(ish) restaurant with friends.  And there are a few things that I really want  - a necklace much like this one at Catbird, the awesome Bibliotheque dress (and maybe a couple of others) at Hayden Harnett, this awesome cross body bag by Magnes Sisters (yeah yeah, even though I go to Manhattan every day, I still like to keep my spending in the 'hood!). And I think I will get them.

But, dear ones, there are other things that a gal needs to think about.
Like the future.

So, to that end, I will put aside the money for the things I want now - a girl needs a couple of new things to stay stylish in her new job - but I will also put money aside for other things.  My student loan, long deferred.  Getting my cat fixed.  Money every month into my savings account.  And, now that I am getting back on my feet for the right now, money into an IRA (though I still need to find one) for the future.

After spending a year and a half on the very tight budget of unemployment, I know that it will be easier for me to stay on budget than when I was previously employed.  It's nice to have some spending money for the niceties in life, but it will be even nicer to have it when I'm sixty-five!

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