Friday, June 25, 2010

File Under: People Unclear On the Concept

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) thinks that you're a bunch of junkies.

Yep. You heard me. You unemployed person.  You working poor.  Orrin Hatch thinks that you are on drugs.

Now, who is your MatchGirl, gentle readers, to judge?  I don't care.  But I do care that Orrin Hatch thinks that the poor and the unemployed, basically anyone collecting state or federal assistance, should be required to subject themselves to drug testing.

Click here to tell him he's an ass.

In other news, Rand Paul (R-KY), proud representative of the Tea Party movement, thinks that you all ought to stop asking for handouts and take lower paying jobs.

Via The Huffington Post:
Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul has a blunt message for the millions of Americans who remain unemployed in the long-term: "Accept a wage that's less than [you] had at [your] previous job" and "get back to work."
While he was answering a question about Republicans stalling an unemployment benefits extension in the Senate, there is, perhaps, a more educated conversation to have.  It's ignorant to think (to say!) that the majority of unemployed people are not looking for work.  People are looking for jobs.  And many many people have accepted jobs that pay well below what they made previously.  There are grown adults taking barely paid internships and pouring coffee/beer/cocktails/what-have-you on the side just to squeak by.

I'm sure that there are unemployed and poor people out there who do drugs.  And I'm certain that there are unemployed people out there trying to milk the system for as much money as they can get.  But to make vast generalizations on literally millions of Americans simply proves how very out of touch these men are with the real world.


  1. So disappointing. Where have these guys been? Of course we're going after less-paying jobs. Of course we're not spending our unemployment checks on drugs. In either case, we can't afford to do otherwise. Catch up people! Maybe we should start drug testing politicians because these guys seemed to have lost their grip on reality.

  2. Star Mama, that is brilliant!

  3. This is the real catch here, our gov gives tax relief to the same companies exporting American jobs... We Americans are viewed as a shopping/consuming commodity and we are like sheep or a heard of cattle grazing away while our country is carved out finely amongst a private group of friends in a special gang all their own.... Yeah it's not just Mexicans scrubbing toilets anymore, Tom is now hunched on his back trying to make ends meat.

    Your "friends" that landed those dream jobs, are there due to clought and circumstance , let them try to land a job like that now and see the crash landing in all it's glory..