Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Fun With Craigslist

Another employer looking to get something for nothing.

The following internship is offered, for academic credit, only to someone able to work 40 hours a week as a full time job. How can one be enrolled in school full-time and work full-time for academic credit?

As an operations intern, you will play an important role in our day-to-day office management. You will work with the staff to help plan events, coordinate schedules, keep accurate financial records and manage the phone and email communication for the office.

Interns must be available to work full time (5 days a week) at our offices in SoHo. Stipends are available for interns not currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. In the past, particularly outstanding interns have been given a chance to join our team at the conclusion of their internships.

We are looking for someone who takes initiative, has great organization skills, and is willing to learn. We work in a fast-paced environment, and the ideal candidate must be able to work independently, and as a member of a team. We are looking for creative problem-solvers willing to rise to the challenges presented, and work towards quick and effective solutions.

To apply, please send us the following documents:

*** A resume/CV, including references
*** Any two samples of your academic or journalistic writing, each preferably in a different style
*** A brief (1-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you perfect for this position (if your cover letter does not address our company and this position specifically, you will not be considered for this internship)

To their credit, this position was listed with the word "internship" in the headline.


  1. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Employers have this overwhelming sense of entitlement and power when it comes to the hiring process. They are definitely taking advantage of the high unemployment rate and lack of positions. It sad, unfair and ridiculous but it is the reality of the market today.

  2. more often than not, MOST people in the workplace are just there taking up space with not much to offer at aLL.. especially in governmental jobs.. the ratio of people who ACTUALLY work and contribute to society is even smaller! .. no wonder this country is f(^'n iMplOding...

  3. First off, as a fellow Brooklyn resident in the somewhat unemployed world, let me say that this is a terrific blog that I have to add ti my website.

    And second, a post like this one shows why it is a great site.