Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swap and Score!

The best thing about the whole economy being in a downturn when you are unemployed, gentle readers, is that everyone is trying to save a buck - not just you.

This Saturday, Brooklyn's 3rd Ward is hosting the Score Pop-Up Swap. Get rid of your old stuff and bring some new stuff home.

From the 3rd Ward Website:
SCORE! Pop-up Swap
November 21, 1 to 7 p, donations accepted up until 5 p, $3 entry, Cheap Breakfast drinks until 5 p, Complimentary Colt 45 from 1 to 2 p

Presented by Bust, Flavorpill, Yelp & MeanRed

‘Tis the season for sharing and exchanging. On Nov 21st, 3rd Ward will lend its space to a massive free exchange. Bring your old Blondie records, impulse sample sale buys, penny loafers, Jane Fonda workout videos, harmonica chord progression manuals, etc…and score some new treasures! Find a holiday gift for your mom, a smashing scarf for your friend, or a Queen Latifah cassette tape for your own personal collection. All items are free, and all remaining goods go to charity.

Proceeds from the door and sales of the custom Score!/Hasselhoff totebags go to support City Harvest!

Swap Categories

* Clothing & Accessories (Guys, Gals, Kids) - curated by Nisha Gopalan (senior editor, Nylon Magazine)
* Music - curated by Showpaper
* Art Supplies - curated by Lowbrow Society For The Arts
* Books DVDs / Media - curated by The Desk Set
* Housewares & Miscellany - curated by Natalie Kamei


So take some time to clean out your closet and your cupboards and gather up all those cds (you know you already have all the music on your iTunes anyway!) and head over to 3rd Ward on Saturday to pick up a bunch of new junk!

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