Monday, November 16, 2009


I received this comment on a previous entry this evening and, though I do not have an answer for this commenter, perhaps, gentle readers, one of you may.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Extended Benefits":

I ran out of all 79 weeks of unemployment benefits on Sept. 4, 2009. The website still allows me to certify which I have done since that date. I am worried about the last line that states "Note: You are not eligible for additional benefits if you were told your benefits ran out when you last claimed weekly benefits". I did my weekly claim today and I am wondering if I will be eligible for this new extension. Is anyone in the same boat or does anyone know if I am eligible for the new extension?

I think, unfortunately, if I am reading the NYS DoL Website properly, that you are not:

Congress Approves Additional Weeks of Emergency Benefits
Legislation was approved guaranteeing an additional 14 weeks of emergency benefits. Pending further legislation, another 6 weeks of emergency benefits could also be provided, for a total of 20 weeks. The first payable week of this new extension is the week ending November 15th, 2009. Retroactive payments cannot be made for individuals who exhausted all extended benefits prior to the week ending November 8, 2009. Please continue claiming your weekly benefits to make sure your claim remains active. You do not need to file a new claim unless the system advises you to do so. For updates on benefit extensions, continue to visit this website.
Of course, it varies from state to state, and, as I'm not sure where you're located, make sure to check out the information for your particular state.

Good luck!


  1. ahh this explains something my friend mentioned to me last week. His claim ended about 3 weeks ago, and the system told him that he had to re-file. He called and they let him claim new benefits, but told him it would expire on December 31st.

    It looks like that's what you're talking about here. He ran out of benefits before November 15th, which is why he's not being given the extension. He's only being given a new short-term claim.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Friend of Unemployed Brooklyn, Melissa, has done a little research into the new Unemployment Extension and has written about it on her blog. Check out what she found out, and her links, here:

    Good luck! And call your Congressperson!