Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forward Thinking

On this morning's Leonard Lopate show, Buzz Aldren was on, promoting his new book, but also, speaking about the space program, and the race to the moon in the 60s. In his conversation with Leonard, he was speaking about planning for the future and looking ahead and, to paraphrase, he said that the world would be better if people spent more time looking far into the future, instead of only into what they could get out of the here and now.

In these tough times, when so many people are unemployed, I couldn't agree more. Sure, we're all looking for a job. Sure, we're all wishing we made more than what we can on the unemployment rolls. But we need to look ahead. Far ahead. Not to where tomorrows job will be but to what tomorrow's career may bring. I write this as I peruse Craigslist and Monster looking for a "for now" job to bring in the bacon, but I also write this as I enroll for classes at FIT, looking to a career that I could really love.

I think we should all listen to Buzz and look far to the future ... not just to the here and now.

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