Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Rent

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Calling All Disgruntled North Brooklyn Renters!
May 28th, 2009

Rental Hell
Your golden silver parachute has come!

Jenny wrote: I’m trying to forward you a cool email that I got from the Working Families party about a video contest to tell stories of “renters’ hell,” but it keeps being labeled “spam.” Any workaround?

We worked it out and here’s the deal. Per the Working Families Party website:

We’re holding our first ever video contest, where you have a chance to win a month’s free rent just by telling your rental hell story on camera. You’ll also be raising awareness about an important issue that affects millions of New Yorkers: the need for stronger rent laws.

Everyone who has ever rented has a story: rent increases, broken heating and cold showers, new owners trying to break your lease, that one bedroom next door rented to four budget conscious students, or waking up to discover that you(r) building is turning into an illegal hotel.

We know it was awful, and we’re sorry. But guess what? There could be a silver-lining! The Working Families Party is teaming up with millions of renters across New York City for the first ever video contest highlighting Rental Hell.

Entering the contest is easy:

1. Tell your story on camera.
2. Upload it to Youtube and tag it with “Rental Hell”.
3. Fill out our entry form.

What’s more, you can win one month’s free rent up to $1,999— or whatever your monthly rent is! Be advised your video must be between 30 seconds and five minutes. You can peruse the complete rules and regulations for this contest by clicking here. The deadline is June 6th— so start grousing!

To close on a distinctly Greenpoint note, I would strongly advise anyone who resided at 156 India Street (or resided at 95 Clay Street for that matter) to enter this contest.

Miss Heather

Gentle readers, I received the same e-mail from the Working Families party in my inbox, as well. And, while I thought about entering (a month's rent sure would help out the unemployed MatchGirl), I'm just not sure. And, to be honest, as lame as my landlady may be, I know there are a lot of people in the area, North Brooklyn to be sure, who are a lot worse off than me. Sure, I've only seen my landlord three times in five years. Sure, every time it rains I have to put three buckets down to catch the water. Sure, it took me 8 months to get the moldy ceiling tiles replaced. Sure, I lose hot water every month or so for a couple of days because my landlady doesn't pay the bills. And, all that said, I know that there are a ton of people who have it so much worse.

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